Friday, October 31, 2008

fall music?

I'm in need of some fall music - or music that reminds you of fall: crisp air, golden leaves, freshly baked pies, fireplaces/campfires, cozy sweaters, tea/cider/hot chocolate, slippers, plaid, and family warmth.

Any suggestions??


Shannon said...

my music suggestion is THE WEEPIES! I LOVE THEM!

and yeah--- i think you win on the sicko food items. SICK!

sonia monique said...

how about dustin kensrue. check out his myspace and listen to please come pretty sure its his version of the prodigal son. he's mainstream with christian influence. :)

sonia monique said...

oh and actually this is perfect...check out jon foreman. he has a whole series of 4 eps with 6 songs each which are SEASONAL! yes, 6 fall songs, 6 winter songs, 6 spring songs, 6 summer songs! available now.