Sunday, November 9, 2008

I went to Hong Kong...

...and it is is indeed BIG, BUSY, CRAMMED, and exciting!

I had to take a "business trip" (how rad is that?!?) to renew my visa since China won't let me do it in country anymore. And this is what I found...

city. city. city.

The subway...or MTR rather

A yummy little street market - one of my favorite things about China. People set up their fruits and veggies anywhere and everywhere!

Dim Sum...yummmm...

Lafayette HK office staff, my new buddies :)

Flower Market Road!

flowers! flowers! flowers!

There was even a shop with Christmas stuff which made my day!

Fuzzy flowers! I think the were called Rooster Crowns or something like that...

Can we say gorgeous?!

I like walls.

Exiting the subway into the unknown...ANND....

TADA! Kong Kong Island!

An adorable elderly couple.
And the man was shooting with an old school Nikon.
I don't know how to shoot a city, much less one as big as HK, so I shot a fishing boat and city. Old meets new, I guess.

And finally, Hong Kong at night.

I shot the moon. w 0 0 t.

A lovely trip.
Lovely new friends.
A lovely time wandering and exploring a HUGE and fascinating city.

Yay for successfully traveling Asia by oneself!

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Evan said...

First of all, I am really proud of you for traveling all over China alone. Crazy! Second, thank you for all the gorgeous shots.

Much love!