Thursday, April 28, 2011

Engaged:: Grayson & Carolyn

This past fall I was given the privilege to shoot some engagement photos for Evan's little brother Grayson and soon wife-to-be, Carolyn, up in Fresno, CA. They have been together since high school, dating for over 5 years! Now that's what I call love, patience and commitment! They finally tied the knot this past October on a gorgeous sunny Saturday.

Though a bit old, I wanted to share some of my favorites form the shoot ---> enjoy!

Congrats you two! love you both!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Been listening to this::

it reminds me of summer sunshine, being barefoot, friends, and warm nights.
it also reminds me of someone special.... :)

also this::

The whole thing was done by hand using a Lite-Brite and stop-frame animation.

Reading this AND having my world rocked::

I went to see the author speak a few weeks back. fantastic! Feeling so good and only hoping for better! Seriously, go read her book!

I've been working a lot.
busy and blessed.
paying the bills.

Looking forward to a road trip up to Modesto this weekend to visit Evan's family for Easter.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Eleanor & Riccardo:: Engaged

A few months back a dear friend of mine, Elly, allowed me the pleasure to shoot some engagement portraits of her and her fiance. They met in Spain while she was teaching English. Romantic, huh? She's a painter and he's an marketing wiz/coffee connoisseur. We shot in Little Italy, the perfect place for an artist and Peruvian/Italian businessman.

The session for me was practice in shooting portraits, and a technical fight against the elements: late afternoon low light, cloudy, dark, almost raining -- it did end up raining at the end, etc. As much as I deeply love people and photography, my portraiture always feels so timid, so rushed.

hence, the deep need for practice....

Enjoy some of my favorites!

Thanks Elly and Riccardo, for a wonderful afternoon of conversation, exploring, laughter, and talking of bigger things than ourselves. love you two!