Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uganda Buyamba

Last weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to hang out with Pastor Dongo and learn about his fabulous non-profit organization for orphan children in Uganda ---->

beautiful, isn't it?

He self-founded Buyamba Orphan Outreach and God Cares Schools in Uganda and provides housing and schooling for those without families, without money, and truly without hope. His joy was contagious! As he shared his vision, his faith and trust in the GOD who lives, loves, and provides was so BIG. I was humbled. I feel so distracted by "things" and "responsibilities" here in the U.S. But when you have nothing (like in Uganda), your dependance on what really matters is so questioned and heightened, so purely and honestly. Faith like a child. beautiful. What I strive for.

Evan and I decided together to sponsor a 12 year old girl named Sylvia who lost her parents to AIDS and has no known relatives. We couldn't be more excited to give $35 a month to provide housing, schooling, food, and hope to this beautiful girl, spiritually and physically! We also can't wait for our first letter to be sent, delivered, and to hear back from her heart --- woo!

How about you --- do you have $35 a month laying around that you might consider investing in eternity with? Such a rad opportunity.

Think about it!

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