Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, my blog has been officially banned on China's internet - all of has been actually. China supposedly has an "internet police" that monitors what happens over cyberspace. Anything that could be construed as suspicious or might lead to any underground uprising or rebellious activity is usually banned. Facebook might be next. So much for the supposedly "free," "progressive," and "open" country. Due to this, I am unable to access my site anymore, BUT, there is hope! Evan has volunteered to keep it running.

This is where you all come in:

I want to know, how many people actually check my blog. Honest? I want to know if it's worth the effort of having Evan maintain it for me. SO if you read faithfully, hanging on my every word (ha, right), randomly, or once in a while, and if it's a method of keeping up with me while I'm living abroad that you value, let me know via a post. Thanks friends!

Until then...

China is still big.
My job is still fun.
The kids are still crazy.
Opportunities are still opening.
And HE is still faithful, giving me just enough to get through each day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ecological Park.

A few weeks back, several teachers took an excursion to a nearby "ecological park" - I think it was called the "Green River Park" or something like that...

Headmaster, me, 3rd grade teacher/vice principal, 5th grade teacher, one of the girls that cleans the school, and Anita - the Chinese English teacher

The whole group minus me (the photographer):
Our cook, his grandson (my 2nd grader), PE teacher, Headmaster, Jimmy, the girls, and the 3rd grade teacher/vice principals daughter

Headmaster and her husband

"grass-skiing" yes.

the little poser :)

Chinese Farris Wheel! That moved about 2 mph. ha.

food! and tea of course...

oh yes, I know that variety...

We visited the farm behind the park that provides food for the restaurant -
or that's what I think I understood...

I LOVE waterlilies!

Yay for small, outdoor adventures around China!