Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ecological Park.

A few weeks back, several teachers took an excursion to a nearby "ecological park" - I think it was called the "Green River Park" or something like that...

Headmaster, me, 3rd grade teacher/vice principal, 5th grade teacher, one of the girls that cleans the school, and Anita - the Chinese English teacher

The whole group minus me (the photographer):
Our cook, his grandson (my 2nd grader), PE teacher, Headmaster, Jimmy, the girls, and the 3rd grade teacher/vice principals daughter

Headmaster and her husband

"grass-skiing" yes.

the little poser :)

Chinese Farris Wheel! That moved about 2 mph. ha.

food! and tea of course...

oh yes, I know that variety...

We visited the farm behind the park that provides food for the restaurant -
or that's what I think I understood...

I LOVE waterlilies!

Yay for small, outdoor adventures around China!


Evan said...

Wow. China has a lot more nature than you thought, eh? Good to see you in a bit of it. ;)

genevieve said...

yeah! awesome! Did china let blogger work again yet???