Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bizarre foods and yummy music...

Since coming to China a little over a month ago, I have been creating a mental list of "things I have never eaten before" as well as "things I have no idea what I'm eating." After another great meal tonight, this time at a local restaurant called "Six Star Coffee" where I had KungPao Chicken (yes, apparently Panda Express isn't completely making up their Chinese dishes), I thought it's high time to put to pen (or keyboard in this case) the exotic list of delectables I have been trying lately:

1. pigeon
2. goose
3. eel
4. duck
5. abalone - baby ones - illegal in the U.S.
6. chicken feet
7. raw salmon
8. pig ear
9. pig tongue
10. red bean paste
11. lotus root
12. all sort of fish - bones included of course!
13. all sorts of fruit
14. "white carrot"
15. all sort of vegetables
16. the "1000 year old egg"
17. types of seaweed
18. stone crab
19. green bean paste
20. oh yes, and street food

Pretty exciting, no?

Oh, and I just found out this man has a new cd coming out Oct. 14th. I highly recommend the 2 released singles "Let it Be Me" and "You Are the Best Thing."
Good stuff.

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