Friday, October 3, 2008

It's been a while...

I have realized that I neglected this blog for almost 3 months now. My life has indeed been busy and now with my move to China, is in a whole new place of figuring out myself, my surroundings, and my life. I was inspired by my dearest friend and her continuous thoughts and observations while in Spain. So I commit from this day on to try to post regularly my thoughts and observations, to post photos of what I am working on and thinking about, and ask that the few of you who read this to please keep me accountable to do just that.

I miss art. And I am itching to start shooting the ideas that I have been forming. There is so much potential and opportunity here. I see it more everyday.

Here is a rough map of where I am currently residing: Shantou, Guandong Province, CHINA.


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