Monday, October 6, 2008

Rain and other lovely things.

Picking up my camera the past few days has been a breath of fresh air. I have missed it. I quite often find myself in "I should photograph for a purpose" moods (don't ask why), and therefore find shooting anything and everything a bit pointless and absurd; call me overly logical at times. But in truth, I'm not. I'm not overly logical, and I enjoy seemingly pointless activities. I thrive on the quirks, giggles, random and beautiful moments, and fleeting shadows of the everyday. So here a few I've been finding lately...


chi fan - "eat rice" - lunch break of rice for the workers across the way from my apartment.

rain drops fallin' on my window.

shadows. yum.
factory lights at night...and paint residue.

Current repeat offenders (or songs I'm listening to):
1. "Let It Be Me" - Ray LaMontagne
2. "You Make It Real" - James Morrison
3. "Simple Things" - Amy Kuney
4. "All I Can See" - Brendan James
5. "Inheritance" - Jonathan David Helser
6. "Broken" - Lifehouse


Anonymous said...

i wuv you! happy birfday!

Kurt said...

that last one is just perfect.

I still think this kind of intuitive "non-thinking" photography is possibly your strongest stuff.