Monday, October 12, 2009


I love TOMS shoes !!!

I have purchased 2 pairs, loved one to death (in which my big toe now peeks out), and would buy one in almost every color if I could afford it. ha.

You buy one pair ranging from about $42 - $65 and another is donated to a child without shoes in a poverty stricken country. TOMS is currently working in several countries in South America and Africa. It is a growing company, gaining more recognition and respect nationally and globally, and continues to deliver fab, comfy, original, colorfully fun slip on shoes.

Evan and I have matching ones ---> :)

They're a bit expensive considering you could go to Payless and get a pair for under $20, but there's a great feeling about spending $42 dollars knowing a beautiful child will get to enjoy them too. And you get to kick around in them which is oh so fun. People ask me about mine all the time and I love telling the story. "One for One" as TOMS says.

To read more, go check it out ---->

Yay for happy, feel-good shoes - literally!

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thesteve said...

those are actually a color of TOMS I can appreciate. I've been going back and forth about whether or not TOMS will really work on my feet. I just need to get to the store (I think they sell at Nordstrom's here).