Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Goal...

I have a new goal for myself.

It's a bit selfish but also artistically challenging.

When I first came to China I blogged quite a bit. But after a hard drive failure, China's relentless internet blocking, and slow VPN service, I just gave up - unless there were big thoughts.

BUT I want to change that...

I am committing to try to post at least 3 times a week, both thoughts and photos (Lord knows I have 1000s of images!), whether deep and thoughtful or random and silly, to share my life with those few to stop by. By doing this, people may follow my blog (woo!) and I may challenge myself to edit and post photos consistently. I do on my other site --->

AND images are always more fun, right?

So...I begin with some randomness...

My current CD wishlist (that I'm stealing sneak peeks of via itunes, myspace, and youtube):

Hillsong United's new "Tear Down the Walls"

David Crowder Band's new "Church Music"

Vertical Horizon's new "Burning the Days"

Any other musical suggestions?

Not that I have any money to buy new cds...ha.


Emily said...

I'm honored that my favorite band made the list! I love Burning the Days. :) Yay for VHaitch (as Adam calls them).

Emily said...

Oh, and you should follow my blogs as I follow yours. :)

sarah b. said...

I have a musical suggestion: save money! I get all of my music (legitimately purchased with US currency) from It rocks.