Thursday, October 15, 2009

Green Oranges?

China has these wonderful green oranges, yes, green, that are just going out of season right now. I bought this one for about a yuan and a half = about 2 US cents. ha.

Isn't it lovely?

They have NO seeds, are juicy and sweet, and peel SO easily.
The perfect afternoon snack - or anytime!

Side note: I've never lived in a country where fruit and vegetables actually go out of season completely (us spoiled Americans...) so I'll have to say goodbye until next fall.

In other news: I've completely fallen IN LOVE with Etsy! Check it out for all things wonderful, handmade, amazingly creative, original and craft-sy: ---->


Emily said...

That, my friend, is quite odd.

Jordan River said...

I really want one. That is the coolest thing I have seen this week.

sarah b. said...

That's pretty cool and I want one right now. So... some stuff regarding agriculture is going down and we're going to have to rely on China to ship us produce. We won't be able to get it from Mexico anymore either. True story.

Anonymous said...

coolest freaking oranges... EVER!!