Monday, March 2, 2009

Sacred Heart Cathedral.

After traversing what seemed like the entire population of China, crammed dirty alleys, relentless vendors, trucks, cars, bikes, shops, noise, smoke, and blaring music, a diamond was found amongst the rough chaos of Guangzhou...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...
a solid granite Catholic church in China, built over 100 years ago,
completed in 1888 to be exact.

Witness the beauty:

these colors were REAL, bouncing off every wall in the morning light

Holy water and Chinese hymnals

It was breathtaking.

It was quiet, except for a drummer practicing in the corner, causing an eerie sound to resonate throughout the old stone structure.

It was...holy.

It was stepping out of China, just for a moment, into a world of faith so hidden and confusing in this massive land. My heart had been aching for it, and found it, for those few minutes entertained beneath it's massive stained glass windows and aging arches.

If you ever go to Guangzhou, I highly recommend the trek to find this jewel. Though your heart and soul may be exhausted on the search walking through filth, poverty, and noise, it can rest, for just a



Emily said...

It's beautiful. I'm glad you found it and it fed your soul. :)

Susanne Barrett said...

Breath-taking. I love cathedrals, especially with gorgeous rose windows like this one. And you're right -- a cathedral like this is such a holy place, one can't help but to pray.

LI SHUO said...

the cathedrals are so beautiful, if i can, i should to have a visit there