Sunday, March 29, 2009


Some oddities in China that I am (mostly) coming to love...

1. No toilet paper in bathrooms - hence everyone carries their own little packs of tissue wherever they go

2. When eating out: at least one dish is cracked or chipped - whether bowl, plate, tea cup, or spoon

3. When eating out: 1st washing your cup, dish, bowl, and chopsticks with the first teapot of boiling hot water before eating

4. Pay-as-you-go cell phones - which tell you the balance in random text messages. Too bad they're in Chinese...

5. Finding feet, heads, and always bones in at least some part of my food

6. Tea, tea, TeA, and more TEA!!!

7. Being told I'm "strong" by men, who then look at their women and tell them to eat more so they are strong too.

8. Walking the streets and dodging dirty puddles, trash piles, overhanging laundry, etc.

9. Laundry, in general, drying on almost ever outdoor object imaginable: electrical lines, electrical towers - in the middle of the street, street lights, trees, etc.

10. Being asked how tall I am - in centimeters.

11. NO paper towels anywhere, they don't exist - hence wet hands after using the restroom and cleaning one's kitchen with tissue

12. When you order at a restaurant, whatever dish is done being prepared first is the one that comes to your table, so if dessert is prepared first, you eat dessert first. The food just keeps coming!

13. Hawking, picking, belching, burping, slurping, scratching, etc. always happens. yep.

14. Using simplified, SO grammatically incorrect statements in order to have a conversation with semi-English speakers.

Ah, China. :)


Emily said...

# 8 is hilarious! Love you!

justanotherManda said...

aww this makes me miss the philippines! most of them are similar...but some things in china sound hilarious!