Friday, February 27, 2009

Guangzhou, Guangdong captitol.

Before I left for the US for Chinese New Year, I had a week of vacation time. Traveling is very expensive in China during that time, so Jimmy and I decided head to Guangzhou, the capitol city of Guangdong, our province. It's a very big, bustling, busy, progressive city, yet very old and full of history.

This was the street our hostel was located on.
rad, huh?


Crossing the river to another part of the city, by ferry, at night.

a famous shopping street...

A man dressed as a Chicken, playing some sort of instrument,
that yes, even sounded like a chicken.

My little taste of Guangzhou.

I hope to go back because there is still MUCH to see there (including a contemporary museum of art!!!)

Next time!

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