Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random odds & ends.

I'm feeling a bit random and emotive as I am now back in China, my head swiming in elementary English teaching, dusting cobwebs from the Chinese knowledge closet, and readjusting to China time (16 hours ahead of San Diego). So here I ramble with some thoughts:

1. Comfort Foods...
My comfort foods here in China consist of nothing of nutritional value.
Sorry, Mom.

Ritz crackers and fake peanut butter from the imported section
at the supermarket. yes.

I brought these back from the States.
I forgot how good (or should I say bad?) they are. Mmm.

chocolate. Dove. because Hershey's doesn't exist in China.

2. My new baby...
This is my new baby, the new Macbook Pro. And she is, indeed, beautiful and wonderful and FAST. RIP 5-year-old Powerbook.

3. Music Goodness...
I know I'm late on the boat, but I think the new Coldplay cd is quite good.

This series of cds is also rather great, Jon Foreman's Album Project,
and the album cover drawings are rather earthy and quirky as well.





3. My vacation...
back to the States to see family and friends was absolutely beautiful.

4. My life right now...
is pretty much summed up in these words:

Amen. Let it be done.

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