Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And they grow up so fast.

This past week has marked my 14th month living in China. crazy!

And in that realization, I have been very aware of just how much my students are growing up - "like weeds" to coin the old expression. In the past year, I have watched their little minds and bodies change so much. They have grown taller, last year's uniforms now sporting their brown ankles, they have cut their hair, their English has improved. I have developed deeper relationships, friendships almost, and I have gained trust as their teacher.

Trust.I stop sometimes in awe of that little word.

Do you ever stop and think about just how many things in your day you are trust to work/happen/go? Like, will the chair hold you when you sit in it? Will your car drive you to your destination? Will the bus/metro/taxi/bike travel safely? Will your computer work and allow you to check this blog? ha. Etc. I realize my students really have no basis for English outside the walls of our little school, so everything I tell them, they take in - correct or incorrect, grammatically sound or not, correct pronunciation or not. I have made my mistakes. ha. Pressures on!

Their little faces I have come to know. I can pick out their voices in the bathroom as they chatter loudly. I know generally how they will do on writing assignments, activities, games, review. Their little faces, expressions, and mannerisms forever imprinted on my mind and heart:

---> the little girl who's whole face lights up in ecstatic contortions as she tries to formulate sentences.

---> the boy who points at himself with a huge, gaping, smiling mouth when I call on him to answer a question, as if to say, "Really, ME?!?!"

---> the girl who tries to so hard to win at EVERYTHING that she breaks into tears when she looses the game or mixes up words, making students laugh.

---> the girl who truly does know it all, and sits quietly, trying to hold herself in, so others have to answer. Or the funny fact that the whole class looks to her for direction and answers - she's 8 years old! sheesh!

---> the boy with the cutest dimples, the one who practically chokes trying to get those tough English words through his lips, the little teacher's pet who is an angel in every class, the ones who come up just to touch me and be close for a few minutes.

I know those faces and I have come to love them so.

And I will miss them when our roads part someday... but they will forever be in my heart.

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liz said... with funny i just read your blog now and didnt even know you talked bout this. good stuff.