Monday, November 30, 2009

A quick trip home: Allison's Wedding and Julian

7 days + 4 major events + 1 holiday = one amazing but busy week!

I just returned this past weekend from a whirlwind trip back to California for a week to be in a dear friend's wedding, take a trip to the mountains outside San Diego, up to LA to see my girlfriends, and celebrate a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving up in Modesto with Evan's family.

**Side rant: I say up because Modesto is north and north to me implies up. Evan always says down, which to me implies south. And it can't be south because we drive north. San Diego is south, down, Modesto is north, up. ha. Seriously, opinions anyone?


7 days of jam-packed activity, fighting off a cold, jet lag, and major time difference, but it all was covered by prayers of dear friends. I survived (barely) and after 3 planes, long layovers, and horrible airplane food I am back in Shantou.

My trip began with celebrating Evan and I's 2 year anniversary of dating...

I made him a paper crane mobile from copies of journal entries about him over the past 2 years ---> :)

Then the gorgeous wedding of Nathan and (now!) Allison Van Egmond = yay!

Allison and I have been friends since before we were born.


Our mothers met in an pregnancy aerobic class and we were born 2 1/2 weeks apart.
We have been to every birthday and major life event over the past 24 years so of course, though I currently reside in China, I had to be there and was blessed to be a part of it.

Isn't she beautiful??

Then it was off to a day trip up the mountains outside San Diego to the small town of Julian.

which of course turned into a photo shoot. ha.

The hills and mountains were gorgeous in their fall color!

I have SO learned to the love the desert and it's beauty growing up in San Diego and it's surrounding area.

Julian was quaint and lovely as always...

We, of course, ate Mom's pie (but not as good as my mom's)...

And we, of course, tried on hats.

many hats.

because we're rad like that. :)

My mom is lovely as ever.

And the setting sun as we drove down the mountains back to San Diego was just stunning.

dusk is my absolute favorite time of day!

AND that was just my first 3 days back! whew!

My amazing (but fast!) Thanksgiving up in Modesto with Evan's amazing family photos coming soon!


Karen said...

Incredible Jenny! Wow! I too, say up/down when referring to north/south. You know that they say: demented minds think alike :)
Haha.. So glad to hear that you had a good time at home!

thesteve said...

Melissa and I have the same "up/down" problem. For me, living by UTC, going to Chula Vista is "down" and going to Carlsbad (where her parents live) is "up". I've been trying to convince her that we never go "down" to Carlsbad from our home, only up.

rickshaula said...


I did not raise Evan that way--it is up to Modesto and down to San Diego. Rick and I will be going down to his graduation December 18th!!!

It absolutely was the best Thanksgiving with our beloved friends--the Gerberdings! I love your Blogspot and all of your amazing pictures!!

Love, hugs and prayers--Shaula

Susanne Barrett said...

It *snowed* in Julian and in my town of Pine Valley on Saturday -- not much, but just enough to scrape together a few snowballs and take lots of photos!

Praying for you in Shantou -- glad you're back safely. And yes, your mother is still lovely as ever. :)

Emily said...

Totally agree. South is down and North is up.

Jessie leigh said...

Wow, It so cool to read your posts ! i love seening your pictures specially from julian. I miss home so much and its great to see your amazing pictures of home!