Friday, July 2, 2010

In honor of the English language.

The school semester officially ended last Friday with games, candy, and breaking the news of my leaving in September to my kiddos. I am now on a 2 week break enjoying sleeping in, exercising, reading, preparing for summer school classes, cooking, cleaning, and of course, hanging out with Evan. :)

The sun has been shining, the sky has been blue, and my A/C is now fully functional with the arrival of summer's heat and humidity. It may sound silly...but I am so very thankful for air-conditioning! Especially having lived in sub-tropical countries!

In honor of finishing school and the sillyness that comes with teaching the English language, a video:

CLICK!!! -----> This hilarious video is what English sounds like to non-native speakers.

***Note: they are not speaking a language at all, just making sounds, so basically gibberish.

fab. and a good laugh.
Happy summer, everyone! 9 weeks left until my adventure to Europe and back to the US begins!

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Jordan Kirkham said...

This video was really hilarious. I also saw one with the supposed english translation for it in subtitles. Looking forward to you and evan's return. love you guys.