Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Program!

Some images from our AMAZing Christmas program at Rong Chang Hope School!

The kids were fabulous, the costumes were all handmade by our Headmaster and teachers, and the evening was so incredible:

getting ready...

some of my beautiful 3rd graders

the Headmaster - isn't she absolutely regal?

preschool girls' dance

Kung Fu - 4th grade

Donna and Johnny, our MCs, using their English with Jenny,
the music teacher and my Chinese teacher

1st and 2nd graders

"Santa" came to visit bringing presents for the kids

2nd grade boys

Girls' dance 1st-5th grade

3rd grade

our cook played the Chinese violin

5th grade played the recorder

on of my little 2nd graders singing a solo

4th grade girls

Now tell me, do I have the raddest job, or what?

Happy Chinese New Year!