Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aaand a few more...

I thought I'd add to list of new/strange things I've eaten in China:
  • cow lung
  • blood sausage (or a nasty semblance of it)
  • cow stomach
  • authentic Kung Pao chicken - quite different from your local Panda Express
and the latest...
guess what I had for dessert??

Chinese frog fallopian tube (yes, the female reproductive organ) soup!

<--- (click to find out more!)


Evan said...

Congratulations. You have helped kill the future generations of frogs and grossed me out at the same time.

Katelyn said...

haha... And you have to kiss her after she has eaten this stuff. Don't worry, Evan, Still time to back out now... ;)

Emily said...

That's disgusting!!!

Jack said...

Sick. That's the filthiest thing I've ever heard. Did any of it taste good?