Thursday, December 11, 2008

At home in my room.

I love coming home to my room:

1. Because it is my space
2. Because it is cozy and familiar and filled with little things reminding me of people, places, and things that I love...

Note the awful, gaudy, impressionistic painting that hangs above my bed.
It's a print on canvas with a few brushstrokes on top.

And I like it a bit more right now because of my Christmas tree!!!
(of which I am a tad bit proud and extremely pleased with)

It even has a popcorn chain that I made! I haven't done it since I was a kid...

Popcorn chains are much more tedious and time consuming than I remembered. My boyfriend reminded me: "That's because when you're a kid, you string about 10 pieces, and then your mom does the rest." ha. true.

I also have one of my family's plastic Christmas wreathes from the 50s that has been around forever. My mom mailed it to me and it now decorates my window, along with a little bit of plastic fall. ha.

I do what I can...

Here's to Christmas in China!
It's going to be say the least.

Sheng dan kuai le!


Aditya said...

Merry Christmas

Martha six said...

I love the plastic wreath. I have two I hang in the Math/CS department from my teen years in Avalon PA. Good Memories. Your room looks cozy and I hope you have cozy slippers and socks! love you.

Cynthia said...

it looks really great waterbug :)
you are going to have a very blessed christmas! love you and miss you!!!!