Saturday, December 12, 2009


This Thanksgiving 2009, I was fortunate enough to go home for a dear friend's wedding right around the time of our holiday of thanks, so I swung my holiday time to include my country's beloved festivities before I headed back to the PRC.

Though my family is small (um, 3 of us), our holidays have always been fantastic, A+, amazing in every way, from decorations to food, festivities to family traditions. Yes. But this year, my family and I went north to Evan's home in Modesto to spend the holiday with his family = woo!

I didn't do much shooting because, well, basically, I just wanted to sit back and enjoy the people (sometimes I get so wrapped up behind the camera that I spend the whole time shooting, which can be good - I guess it has it's pluses and minuses...). I'm not around people who know, love, like, and don't stare at me often. ;)

It was big. Let's see, 18 people I think?

Loud, warm, yummy, wonderful...but waaay too fast.


THE bird.
26 lbs. of it!

Evan and THE bird.

Megan and Dustin's new kitty, Monkey.
yes, the cat's name is Monkey.

family :)

Tayla - how adorable is she?

Grandma Maggie's hands
making bread for over 80 years.

Grandma Dorothy
I think I just have a thing for grandmas :)

my amazing mom :)

the kid table
oh, Dustin... ;)

the adult table


5 homemade pies baked by my very own mother!

If getting accepted into the Conrad/Ford family
was based on the taste of pies,
we're SO in now.

Modesto was even nice enough to give me a good splash of fall color before I left.
Not much yellow in subtropical southern China.

I have so much to be thankful for (even though it's December now and almost Christmas):
- my salvation
- God's grace and love
- my wonderful family
- Evan
- wonderful friends
- this opportunity to serve and learn in China
- the list goes on and on

As we are a few weeks out for Christmas, may Jesus truly be the reason for the season, for your life, for the reason you wake up everyday, for love. Today and always!

Let the world see that today in you!

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