Friday, April 3, 2009


That I do have friends here in China. Or at least, I am finally truly making some:

Anita - my translator from when I shared my testimony a few weeks ago.
She's super tiny, super sweet, and has great English - she's the door into this culture I've been hoping for!

Myself, Anita, a few friends, and her father ---> to my left in yellow.
He's a master ping pong instructor!!!
Heck yes!

He is quite the old man: He has traveled ALL over the world, though he just speaks Chinese (my home town of San Diego, included! I've seen the photos!) and owns his own little school/gym/studio thing on the 4th floor of a back alley building where he teaches kids and adults ping pong. If you know ping pong in Shantou, you know this man. I have gone to, try to play...for the past 2 weeks.

My current Friday night dates: Ping Pong with a 65 year old man.

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Evan said...

Good to "see" them in reality. Looks like a community in the making.