Thursday, May 29, 2008

it's official.

I am now an official college graduate. After a weekend up in Modesto and Yosemite, I am home to a collection of boxes signaling my move back from La Mirada. A certified piece of fancy linen paper will arrive in the mail in just a few weeks officiating my completion and acceptance of a BFA degree in photography and drawing.

It's hard to believe it is truly over. 4 years of my life at Biola have come to a hurried but beautiful close. Now on to the rest of life. As my dad said yesterday, "On a ruler, you've only gone the first quarter-inch."

Here's to regular blogging and thought sorting, the making of new artwork, continued growing, learning, being shaped into a better disciple of Christ, and to living, one gifted day at a time.

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eleanor greer. said...

"regular blogging"...please do!